The holidays are almost over. Like many of us, the bills are starting to come in, and you’re strapped for cash. Don’t forget; you have options. Advantage Finance is in the business of helping responsible consumers like you maintain their financial balance by offering both auto title loans and title loan buyouts. We can put … Continue reading “A Title Loan Buyout is a Good Option for Those End-of-the-Year Bills”

The holidays are here, and it’s time to get serious about gift giving. This is the time of year when you want to show your love and appreciation to family and friends, and especially, children. Sometimes it happens that we run short of cash at just the wrong time. If you need cash to make … Continue reading “Need Holiday Cash? Get a Title Loan from Advantage Finance Today”

If you have an auto title loan with someone other than Advantage Finance, LLC, then you should read this blog. We’re going to explain how you could complete a title loan refinance through Advantage Finance and give you a loan with much better terms than those you now have. We help customers who are locked … Continue reading “What is a Title Loan Refinance?”

The holidays are just ahead, so it’s not too early to start thinking about all the celebrations right around the corner. This year it looks like they’re going to have plenty of sales including the famous Black Friday as well as new products both on television and in the stores. It’s certainly not too early … Continue reading “What are the Advantages of an Auto Title Loan in Houston?”

Now that the kids are back in school and all the back-to-school activities have settled down, it may be time to treat yourself to a quick end-of-the-summer vacation. An auto title loan from Advantage Finance might be just the answer for providing you with cash for that last minute get away. There are many nearby … Continue reading “Take an End-of-the-Summer Vacation with a Title Loan”

For most of us, the first day of school has come and gone, and our kids are already getting assignments and participating in school activities. With the excitement of preparing for that big first day, parents endured the rush of people buying supplies, visiting the doctor and dentist, and, maybe, buying new clothes. Now that … Continue reading “An Auto Title Loan Can Help with Back-To-School Expenses”

If you have an auto title loan from someone other than Advantage Finance and you believe the terms are not good, we will work with you to refinance your auto title loan. Chances are we can give you improved terms with a better rate than you are paying now. In fact, if you have an … Continue reading “When to Consider a Title Loan Buyout from Advantage Finance”

There are many advantages when obtaining an auto title loan from Advantage Finance.  This type of loan is safe, quick to obtain, confidential, requires no credit check, and needs a minimum of paperwork. Advantage Finance, with offices in Houston, can provide you with an auto title loan in as little as 30 minutes. If you … Continue reading “Five Things You Should Know About Auto Title Loans”

If you’re like most of us, there are times when you need cash, and you need it fast. The money from your last paycheck just won’t cover the expenses that come up, and, your next payday is a long way off. Sometimes emergencies arise that put you in a bind.  It’s not unusual for medical … Continue reading “How Much Money Can I Borrow With an Auto Title Loan?”

An online title loan is a quick way to get cash; you receive this type of loan through the Internet. Usually, a lender will assess your car’s value and you will receive a loan based on a certain percentage of the appraisal. The process is quick and easy, and the funds are generally given to … Continue reading “Is an Online Title Loan Safe?”